Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Down Rivers

According to Tom Crean's Twitter account, senior point guard Jeremiah Rivers went down today with a bad ankle sprain. No word on how long he will be out, but since he is battling for the starting PG job this off-season this will certainly take away from his training. The Hoosiers need a lot more out of Rivers this season after a very disappointing junior campaign. His atrocious free throw shooting and his inability to deliver in the clutch was a sore spot for the team all season (not to mention his season-long 0'fer from beyond the arc). With Rivers out, Jordan Hulls is the clear favorite for the starting job.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

TJ Bell Leaving Bloomington South

Upcoming junior TJ Bell, an IU target who spent last season playing for Bloomington South, is transferring back to his old high school in Illinois. It's hard to say how this will affect IU's recruitment of Bell, but it is clear that he was unhappy playing at least his high school ball in the state of Indiana.

My guess is that this marks the end of IU's interest in Bell.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Jordan and Jordan

Since this is a relatively slow time for IU news, I thought I would share this story with both Chicago and Big Ten ties.
Former Illinois guard Jeffrey Jordan will be transferring to the University of Central Florida, joining his younger brother Marcus who will be a sophomore next season. The brothers, both sons of this guy named Michael Jordan, will be sharing a team for the first time since Jeffrey's senior year at Loyola Academy. Last year, Marcus got some attention for refusing to wear the Adidas shoes that his UCF team was under contract to wear. Now he and Jeffrey can rock the latests Air Jordans together down in Orlando.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

What's the deal with Roburt Sallie?

The Memphis transfer with one year of eligibility remaining will visit Indiana. No wait, he won't. Will he? Who cares...he's going to Louisville!
The rumors are definitely swirling in full force around the 6-5 guard from Sacramento. Dude would be a fantastic get for the Hoosiers, or for anyone for that matter. He's got 1 year left and he's eligible to play immediately. He's exactly the kind of experienced and skilled point guard the Hoosiers could use this season, sort of like an upgraded Jeremiah Rivers. But with all these rumors about visits and recruiting, I don't really know what to believe. Is he going to check out campus? Is he even interested in IU? Are we interested in him?
Windy City Hoosier Source will do it's best to keep you all posted.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

UK's Bledsoe still under investigation

Apparently the investigation into the University of Kentucky's starting guard Eric Bledsoe is kicking into high gear this week. After what John Calipari called "the greatest day in Kentucky history," (yeah, who cares about all of those national championships, right?) the Birmingham school system has hired a law firm in order to further investigate Bledsoe's high school grades. If any foul play is found, UK could be forced to forfeit their ENTIRE season (which is not unusual for a John Calipari-led team), and would lose their milestone 2000th victory.
This blogger thinks that even if Bledsoe is found to be eligible for this past season, it will not be long before we hear another story just like this and all of those prized recruits that Calipari has coming in will start to look elsewhere (cough, cough IU, cough). Calipari would be the first coach to have 3 Final Four's taken away (he's already the only one with 2) if it weren't for the fact that his "ethically" recruited team of this past season couldn't even make it that far. I don't know what's funnier: the fact that is stacked team couldn't even make the Final Four after being a top ranked team all year, or that Kentucky may very well be celebrating their 2000th win for a SECOND time. That's all from me. As you can tell I'm about as biased as Fox News, but the facts are out there. It's only a matter of time....

PS... In other news, first overall pick John Wall had this to say about rapper Drake and his feelings toward Kentucky (UK) basketball:
"He's a big KU fan. He went to a lot of our games last season."

Good to know that despite the team's stellar GPA, at least their star player can correctly abbreviate his own school. Oh..wait...

and they just keep on comin...

Right after updating you on IU's promising recruiting class we have word that Raymon Taylor, the #245 player in the country according to Rivals, is officially playing in Bloomington. The 5'10" athlete from Detroit chose IU over offers from Cincinatti, Illinois and Wisconsin, as well as interest from UM and MSU. This is a huge signing for the Hoosiers coaching staff, but again...let's hope that Coach Lynch is smart enough to actually give these young studs a chance to play this upcoming season instead of waiting. This is our year, Hoosier fans!

Hoosier Football Update

Bill Lynch is putting together another respectable recruiting class this off-season. It's hard to not be optimistic when you look at the players we have coming in. Especially guys like Zack Shaw, an inside linebacker from Ohio that is ranked as the #243 player by Rivals, Tre Roberson, a stud dual-threat quarterback out of Indy in the same vein of current Hoosier Edward Wright-Baker, and OG Ralston Evans who is the 9th best prospect in the state of Indiana. Not to mention that we are still in the running with top in-state prospects like Remound Wright and Armonze Daniel. With all this great young talent coming in, all we can hope now is that Coach Lynch actually plays some of these guys. His stubborn practice of playing the older guys solely based on seniority (or so it seems) has got to stop. The best players should be on the field and if that means freshmen and sophomores so be it. Our young running back and receiving core is poised to put up big numbers in 2010 and I think we are all excited to see EWB in there for the wildcat. I just hope that Lynch puts in some of the young guys on the defensive side. I still don't think the Big Ten is going to be very strong this year from top to bottom and our schedule sets us up to make a real run at a bowl appearance. Go Hoosiers!


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