Saturday, June 26, 2010

Hoosier Football Update

Bill Lynch is putting together another respectable recruiting class this off-season. It's hard to not be optimistic when you look at the players we have coming in. Especially guys like Zack Shaw, an inside linebacker from Ohio that is ranked as the #243 player by Rivals, Tre Roberson, a stud dual-threat quarterback out of Indy in the same vein of current Hoosier Edward Wright-Baker, and OG Ralston Evans who is the 9th best prospect in the state of Indiana. Not to mention that we are still in the running with top in-state prospects like Remound Wright and Armonze Daniel. With all this great young talent coming in, all we can hope now is that Coach Lynch actually plays some of these guys. His stubborn practice of playing the older guys solely based on seniority (or so it seems) has got to stop. The best players should be on the field and if that means freshmen and sophomores so be it. Our young running back and receiving core is poised to put up big numbers in 2010 and I think we are all excited to see EWB in there for the wildcat. I just hope that Lynch puts in some of the young guys on the defensive side. I still don't think the Big Ten is going to be very strong this year from top to bottom and our schedule sets us up to make a real run at a bowl appearance. Go Hoosiers!

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