Saturday, June 26, 2010

UK's Bledsoe still under investigation

Apparently the investigation into the University of Kentucky's starting guard Eric Bledsoe is kicking into high gear this week. After what John Calipari called "the greatest day in Kentucky history," (yeah, who cares about all of those national championships, right?) the Birmingham school system has hired a law firm in order to further investigate Bledsoe's high school grades. If any foul play is found, UK could be forced to forfeit their ENTIRE season (which is not unusual for a John Calipari-led team), and would lose their milestone 2000th victory.
This blogger thinks that even if Bledsoe is found to be eligible for this past season, it will not be long before we hear another story just like this and all of those prized recruits that Calipari has coming in will start to look elsewhere (cough, cough IU, cough). Calipari would be the first coach to have 3 Final Four's taken away (he's already the only one with 2) if it weren't for the fact that his "ethically" recruited team of this past season couldn't even make it that far. I don't know what's funnier: the fact that is stacked team couldn't even make the Final Four after being a top ranked team all year, or that Kentucky may very well be celebrating their 2000th win for a SECOND time. That's all from me. As you can tell I'm about as biased as Fox News, but the facts are out there. It's only a matter of time....

PS... In other news, first overall pick John Wall had this to say about rapper Drake and his feelings toward Kentucky (UK) basketball:
"He's a big KU fan. He went to a lot of our games last season."

Good to know that despite the team's stellar GPA, at least their star player can correctly abbreviate his own school. Oh..wait...

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