Saturday, July 24, 2010

Jeremiah Davis Rumors

The rumors out there say that Jeremiah Davis may be leaning towards Cincinnati as his college choice. It's been documented that his recruitment was down to Indiana, Michigan State and Cincinnati but there is word that IU and MSU have cooled on Davis a bit. There are a couple of possible reasons for Indiana backing off a bit. Jeremiah Davis was apparently ready to make a commitment a few months ago, and it seems that the longer he waits to make his choice, the less interested both Indiana and Michigan State have become. Indiana has also emerged as the apparent leader in the race for BJ Young, a PG from Missouri that is regarded as a better prospect than Davis. Recent evaluations of Davis this AAU season have not been as great as during his high school season.
My take is that rather than Indiana missing out on Davis, they would simply be taking a pass on him. BJ Young would be a better prospect for Coach Crean right now, assuming he is in fact getting his schoolwork together. If Davis really wanted to stay in-state and be a part of the Hoosiers, he would have committed back when he said he would. I think that Crean and Co. should be occupying themselves with the guys who REALLY want to be Hoosiers. Young is very high on IU and I think that is the direction that we should be going. Letting Davis go out of state will not have an effect on the perception that Crean can't land Indiana kids, as long as he can land Zeller and/or some other top talent in the next few years. All of this reminds me a bit of when Lance Stephenson waited a long time to pull the trigger and a lot of the top teams backed off and he ended up at UC. The same thing happened with Stephan Van Treese, who missed out on Indiana, Ohio State and others only to end up at Louisville at the last second. As far as I'm concerned, Cincinnati can have Davis.

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