Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wing/Combo Guard Preview 2010

The combo guard is a pretty broad term, but then again the Hoosiers have some pretty versatile players on their roster. This preview will focus mainly on Christian Watford and new additions Victor Olapido and Will Sheehey, as well as Verdell Jones.

Victor Oladipo - Simply put, this dude can fly. If you don't believe me, please see: Exhibit A (he's the second guy with the jeans on) | Exhibit 2 (note the final dunk, the one where he jumps over 10 people) | Exhibit D (dunking with Mo Creek at a frat in B-town). He and Creek have a DC-area connection are really down with what being a Hoosier is all about. VO may not put up huge numbers right away, but he will play a key role in getting IU it's swag on.

Will Sheehey - Solid baller from southern Florida. Committed after getting an official visit last November and finished his prep career as Rivals' #141 prospect in the country. As far as a scouting report, Sheehey is a slasher with a solid mid-range game. He does not have a particularly good long-range shot but at 6'5 and on a roster with Creek, Roth and Hulls, that is hardly a big problem right now. We will see him playing the 2 and the 3 this season, and he can be of help on defense. He comes from a basketball family and was sold on the IU tradition. Will should be a solid 4-year player for the Hoosiers and has a lot of time to improve his game and develop as a player.


* The development of big men like Derek Elston and Bobby Capobianco will allow sophomore Christian Watford to spend more time on the wing and less time underneath the basket. C-Wat will be able to showcase his athleticism more and excel in a more natural position. This will be huge for him as a player, as well as for the dynamics of the roster. Coach Crean was forced to play Watford at power forward throughout last season, but this season he should be able to rely more on Elston, Capo, Michel and Pritchard to handle the big-man duties. Christian showed some of his abilities last season (12ppg, 6rpg, 4 double-doubles), but with him playing at the 3 we should see the rest of his repertoire. I see this as a potential breakout year for C-Wat. A starting lineup with any combination of Hulls, Creek, Watford, Jones, Elston, Capobianco and Michel will be an intimidating force in the Big Ten.

Like I said before, Verdell Jones seems to be the odd-man in the lineup. He is the player that can play the 1, 2 or 3 and we will see at all of these positions throughout the season. Verdell has paid his dues throughout the last two seasons and has emerged as the emotional leader of this team. While some of the younger guys like Watford, Creek and Hulls are on the rise, Verdell is always improving too. He averaged 14.9ppg and 3.9rpg and as the season went on his ball handling and decision-making got continuously better. Verdell means way more to this team than his statlines show and I think Crean will keep him in the rotation and work the rest of the lineup around him, at least at the beginning of the year.

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