Friday, August 06, 2010

Encouraging words for Guy

Yesterday Bobby Capobianco, along with four of his returning teammates, had great things to say about the newest Hoosier big man Guy-Marc Michel:

"You are going to find out fast [about him]. Guy is a really, really talented player, we feel really glad to have him. He is the center for this team that we have been kind of missing. Tom [Pritchard] and I have done our best the last two years to really try to guard some of these guys but it is a very big, strong league and Guy brings us that presence in the paint."
"He is all of 7-feet, 7-1 or however tall they have him. He’s a legit 280, and I look at myself as one of the stronger guys and I can not move that guy if I try my hardest. He’s big. And we’re really, really looking forward to being able to have a guy who we can come down and in a half-court offense throw it in the post and know that he’s going to be able to just bang, bang and get to the rim."
Few have seen Michel playing at all recently, including the IU coaching staff, so hearing this from one of Guy's teammates is very encouraging. Having a legit big man will be crucial to turning this program around and Guy comes in with two years of experience and two years to make something happen for the Hoosiers.

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