Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hoosier News

* An ankle injury to junior safety Chris Adkins has prompted CBs Lawrence Barnett and Lenyatta Kiles to move over to the safety position. The Hoosiers have incredible depth at cornerback right now so this move will allow Barnett and Kiles to get some reps at safety that they probably would not have gotten as corners.

* Two true freshman will likely be on the team's travel roster, according to Bill Lynch, and will have an opportunity to possibly see some playing time this season. Those players are wide receiver Kofi Hughes and linebacker Chase Hoobler.

* Scout has released it's updated list of the top 2011 basketball prospects. Some notables include IU targets Cody Zeller at #16 (5-stars) and BJ Young at #17 (4-stars) and committment Austin Etherington getting back to #98 (4-stars) after falling out of the top 100 earlier this year. Other players on Crean's radar include Chane Behanan (#29) and Michael Chandler (#67). If Crean lands Zeller and Young, IU should have at least a top-10 recruiting class in 2011.

* Rivals also released their updated list today, so here are the highlights: Young - #18, 5 stars; Zeller - #20, 5 stars; Behanan - #23, 5 stars; Chandler - #47, 4 stars; Etherington - NR, 3-star.
This may be because I am a homer, but I honestly feel like Etherington got shafted by both recruiting services. He fell off the boards earlier this year due to injuries but he had an unbelievable summer with Indiana Elite and is working to regain his reputation. I think we will see him higher on the lists by the time this upcoming season is done.
Also notable: Rivals has Austin Rivers, Jeremiah's younger brother, as their new #1 prospect. If only we had any remote shot of landing him....

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