Friday, August 20, 2010

NCAAF Preseason 120 (Rivals)

So has released its list of all 120 FBS schools ranked from top to bottom.
The not-so-surprising part? Indiana is the lowest ranked team in the Big Ten at #97 overall.
The surprising part? Indiana is the second lowest team of all BCS conferences, beating only Washington State (#99).
Hoosier fans should be used to getting little to no respect on the football field, but I believe this is a bit harsh. With the potent offense we have, we should turn some heads this season. I guess it is better to be underrated than overrated, so the Hoosiers will just have to go out there and prove that they are more than the second worst BCS school.
- The Big Ten has some solid representation near the top of the list: Ohio State #2, Iowa #8, Wisconsin #11, Penn State #19, plus future conference member Nebraska is #5. The second lowest team is Illinois at #84.
- BCS teams that we should be ahead of: Duke, Illinois, Syracuse, Maryland, possibly Virginia
- Some notable non-BCS teams ranked ahead of Indiana for some reason: Middle Tennessee St., Wyoming, Ohio, Idaho, Akron (beat in 2009), Kent St., Florida Atlantic, Western Michigan (beat in 2009).

REMEMBER! Despite all the basketball talk recently, the Hoosier footballers start their season on September 3rd with a Thursday night game at Memorial Stadium against Towson. Football previews are coming YOUR way VERY soon. Peace.

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