Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Peter Jurkin to IU

Peter Jurkin made it official last night: he is going to be a Hoosier. The Jurkin commitment is a big turning point for Indiana basketball for many reasons.

* The could very well be the commitment that gets the dominoes falling in terms of recruiting. The news and rumors are out there about a lot of IU targets, but so far no one has officially made the call until now. Seeing Jurkin pull the trigger may push some of the 2011 guys to put the wheels in motion. We're ready for your commitments BJ and Cody! You too, Robert Goff.

* Jurkin's close relationship with fellow 2012er Hanner Perea makes him as valuable of a connection as he is a player. If landing Jurkin means landing Perea, then this is a HUGE moment for IU basketball's turnaround. He has also spent time playing with Obij Aget, Wanaah Bail, Yogi Ferrell and D'Vauntes Smith-Rivera.

* Peter will draw comparisons to Tijan Jobe and Bawa Muniru based on his international status, position, and skill-set, but he is much more developed than either of them were. He still has two more years of high school basketball to get his fundamentals lined up and his body more ready for Big Ten basketball. He's listed right around 210-215 lbs depending on where you look, which is obviously not big enough to be a force at the college level. But we have seen what the weight room can do to our very own Verdell Jones and Christian Watford, so it is fair to say that once Jurkin starts to really hit the weights he will fill out. Jurkin has more time to grow than Tijan and Bawa had and he could be a much more refined talent by the time he gets to Bloomington. I think that there is a lot to be excited about with Mr. Jurkin.

* Like my old high school coach once told me, you can't teach tall. Mr. Jurkin has a solid 7 feet of tall right now...as an incoming high school junior. Not to mention his 7'6 wingspan. Yeah, he's big. He can even block shots without jumping.

* Here's some video, for reference: Right here, and over here.

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