Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Robert Goff Visit

As we reported last week, Indiana is recruiting junior college forward Robert Goff and he was scheduled to visit Bloomington August 2nd. Well if you own a calendar, you know that yesterday was August 2nd. Peegs.com has a fantastic write-up on Goff's visit, however it requires a subscription to Rivals in order to read it. Goff's advisor Jason Knight said that Robert was able to meet with both the staff and the team, as well as getting a chance to play with the guys a bit. He also said that he and Robert will hopefully have a list of 5-7 schools ready by the end of the week. Goff was supposed to have a short visit with Xavier yesterday, as well, but due to "unusual circumstances" the trip did not end up happening. Xavier is considered to be Indiana's main opponent in the race for Goff. After playing at IUPUI in a Pro-Am league tonight, Goff and Knight are headed back to Hutchinson C.C. in Kansas.

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