Friday, August 20, 2010

This and That - Friday the 20th

Here's a collection of news nuggets for your reading pleasure....

* Former IU center Bawa Muniru will be playing for the Tennssee State Tigers next season. Muniru left the Hoosier program in June and becomes the tallest player on the TSU roster. The Tigers are a part of the Ohio Valley Conference. Some of you may remember when the Tigers came to Bloomington a mere two seasons ago. DJ White had 29 points and 13 boards in that game...oh what a different team we were back then. 
* Coach Crean has settled some of the discussion surrounding IU senior Jeremiah Rivers. Crean stated that Jordan Hulls, Verdell Jones and Maurice Creek will be sharing most of the ball-handling duties this season, putting to rest the notion that Rivers would remain the starting point guard after that rough junior season. Though Crean said that Rivers will not be the main ball-handler, he also stated that he does not believe the Hoosiers will have one single player bringing up the ball all season as having multiple guards that can make good decisions is more important than having a set point guard. Don't forget that Rivers went down with an ankle injury earlier this summer, which slowed his development and hurt his chances at working ahead of his teammates for the starting job. No word yet on whether not his dad, younger brother, or Ray Allen have helped JR learn how to shoot free throws...
* With one player still to be cut, Eric Gordon is still on the 13-man Team USA roster. The team is very guard heavy and the word right now is that the last player to be cut will either be Russell Westbrook, Stephen Curry or Gordon. Curry suffered an ankle injury and is currently practicing with the team again at "80 percent." From everything that has been said about Gordon, it seems that he will remain on the roster and either Westbrook or Curry will be the final cut.
* Former IU target Aaron Thomas has narrowed his list of schools down to five: Purdue, Nebraska, Cincinnati, Clemson and Florida State. My gut says that the Cincy native stays at home and joins the Bearcats. On another note, isn't it weird to have to consider Nebraska as a basketball program now that they are joining the Big Ten? I thought so, too.
* New NCAA President Dr. Mark Emmert stated that he prefers the baseball model to the current one-and-done trend in college basketball. The rule, which allows players to go pro right out of high school or spend a minimum of three years in college, is something that the new Prez likes "a good deal." As more high powered parties get involved with this discussion, we should expect to see some sort of changes in the coming seasons. A rule change would certainly send our favorite Coach down in Lexington running towards the pro ranks.
* The University of Illinois - Chicago has its new head basketball coach in Howard Moore, a Chicago native and assistant to Bo Ryan at Wisconsin. This is actually a huge hit to Ryan's staff, as Moore was his main link to recruiting the Chicago area. It is crazy to think that UIC didn't have a head coach until this late in the summer, but either way this is a good hire for their program. 
* Michigan State transfer Chris Allen will be enrolling at Iowa State on Monday to play for the Cyclones. 
* Tim Tebow is already injured. Bust?
* Everyone watch the Little League World Series! So awesome!

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