Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Zeller's final three official

Although hardly a surprise, Cody Zeller's final three schools are official: Indiana, North Carolina, and Butler. Official, as in these are the only three schools receiving official visits. These are the three schools that have long stood out as Cody's favorites, especially after UNC offered him a scholarship a few weeks ago. One thing that is encouraging for Hoosier fans is that Coach Crean has been recruiting Cody since the beginning and his family is very comfortable with the program and staff. Indiana is close to home, as is Butler, and he has a brother at North Carolina. But should Cody head out to Chapel Hill, he will only have one or two seasons playing with his brother, Tyler. I have a gut feeling that Cody will opt to stay close to home and suit up in cream and crimson. He has a chance to be one of the key figures in Indiana's surge back to the top. He has the chance to make a name for himself and set him apart from Tyler. His growing friendship with Austin Etherington and Yogi Ferrell is also encouraging, as Austin has been actively recruiting the both of them all summer while they were running the show for Indiana Elite. Cody won't announce any decision until he and his family are ready, and it is VERY tough to figure out for outsiders to get any real insight as to what their thought process is, but I am optimistic that Hoosier fans will be cheering for Cody at Assembly Hall.

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