Saturday, September 18, 2010

Huge weekends for Crean and Co.

Four of the nation's top basketball prospects will be in Bloomington over the next two weekends.
This weekend it is Jeremy Hollowell (2012, #39 overall) and Basil Smotherman (2013) will be on campus for unofficial visits. Hollowell, who has been quoted as saying his recruitment is down to just Indiana and Ohio State, tweeted less than an hour ago that he "had a great time" and shouted out to IU staff. He also stated earlier this morning that he was headed to Cook Hall.
Haven't heard much about Smotherman's visit, so far, but apparently he was also planning an unofficial visit to Illinois this weekend in Champaign. There has also been word that he will be back in Bloomington again next weekend, even if he is able to make it today or tomorrow.

Speaking of tweeting, Coach Crean posted this picture of him and his father-in-law Jack Harbaugh from his final year as the head coach at Western Kentucky. Crean met his wife, Joani, while he was working as an assistant for the WKU basketball program. The fact that he passed up an opportunity to go back to Bowling Green for the Hoosiers football game today in order to entertain visitors is yet another testament to his commitment to this program. Remember, he also passed up sideline access to Monday Night Football last week in order to recruit.

Next weekend's visitors, so far, are 2014's Trey Lyles and 2013's Darryl Baker. If these visits go well, particularly with Lyles, we may see Crean lock up his second big commitment for that class.
Baker's cousin is IU quarterback Edward Wright-Baker and he was in town for the Hoosiers first home game two weeks ago. If he keeps this up, he may be on campus five more times this semester just for football games.

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