Sunday, September 19, 2010

Jeremy Hollowell update

There were some interesting developments in the recruitment race for 2012 stud Jeremy Hollowell. After making the trip down to Bloomington for the afternoon Saturday, Hollowell tweeted that he had a great time. He then told peegs that he would be returning for the Michigan football game in two weeks. It has long been assumed that Jeremy had narrowed his list down to just Indiana and Ohio State. The biggest development of the weekend comes from 2011 prospect Sam Thompson, who committed to Thad Matta and the Buckeyes earlier today. Thompson (Whitney Young HS in Chicago) is a comparable recruit to Hollowell: they play the same position, they are the same height, and are similar in overall ranking (Rivals has Hollowell at #39 and Thompson at #46). On the surface, one would think that getting Thompson in Columbus means that Matta and staff will back off on Hollowell. Although Hollowell is a year younger, he would presumably have less playing time for the Buckeyes assuming Thompson does not leave after one year. This could be a major turning point for Hollowell and the Buckeyes. It can also be a turning point for his Hoosier recruitment, as well. The fact that he has decided to return to Bloomington in a couple weeks is encouraging for IU fans. One thing is for certain: we will be hearing a lot more about Jeremy Hollowell in the coming weeks.

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