Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Great news for IU Students!

In this story from this Indiana Daily Student, Ryan Winn outlines Fred Glass' plan to implement a partial "first-come, first-serve" student section at Assembly Hall. Basically, when students have tickets in sections K, L, M in Row 25 or lower, they will be able to choose their seats based on how early they arrive. This means that a row 25 ticket could potentially turn into a front row seat for Hoosier basketball. Students have been asking for a student section for years, despite the fact that Indiana sells more tickets to students than any other school in the country. The sections K, L, M have been largely consisting of students already, but very rarely have students had the opportunity to sit really close more than once per season. This also means that the "die-hard" student fans and those less crazy ones have had equal opportunities for good seats. Now those seats go to those who want it the most, insuring that the craziest student fans will be closest to the court and surely making life difficult for the opposing team (who's bench is just across the court from the new student section).
Of course, this HAD to happen the first season AFTER I graduated...

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