Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Guy-Marc Michel ruled ineligible by NCAA

UPDATE (7:20 CST): Thanks to a nice Twitter explanation by Inside The Hall's Zach Osterman, we can provide a more accurate explanation of what has happened with Michel. Guy's enrollment at a French university started his 5-year NCAA eligibility clock. Because of this, the 2010-2011 season would have been the last for him to play NCAA basketball. His contract with French professional team SLUC Nancy allowed him to be called up from his club team (playing for the club team is not a violation) to the professional team (here's the violation), which is what happened when Guy was a member of the SLUC Nancy team for five games. Though he was not compensated for more than basic expenses, the professional contract and his time on the team constituted as an NCAA violation punishable by suspension of one year and 10 games (one year for signing the contract, 10 additional games for actually playing for the team). Since his remaining NCAA eligibility is just one year, he is effectively suspended for the rest of his eligibility and therefore ruled permanently ineligible. Indiana will honor Guy's scholarship this season, as he is on track to graduate from IU, but the scholarship will not count against the basketball program's thirteen available after this season. This, in effect, has opened a scholarship spot for the class of 2011 and beyond.
The investigation was essentially looking into both his "eligibility clock" and his time with SLUC Nancy. If it was found that he had two remaining years of NCAA eligibility left, Guy would have been able to play next year after sitting out the first ten games. Since this is not the case, Guy is suspended for the remainder of his time at IU and will never see the court. Indiana has apparently exhausted both of its two avenues for appeal, rendering the decision final.

The NCAA has come to decision on the eligibility of Indiana center Guy-Marc Michel. The University announced Tuesday that Michel is not eligible to play with the Hoosiers this season. The investigation centered around a short amount of time that Guy spent playing for a club team in France a few years ago. Michel spent most of his time on teams not considered professional, but for 5 games he was a part of a top-tier professional team and that is the reason his amateur status came into question. He has not played in any games so far this season due to the investigation, but his height and presence in the post will certainly be missed by the Hoosiers. Michel showed some skills during the Hoosiers 2 public scrimmages earlier this year.

You can find the entire IU Athletic press release here, courtesy of the Bloomington Herald-Times.

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