Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Kevin Wilson : the new head coach of Indiana Hoosiers football

UPDATE (5:50 p ET): Official IU Athletics Photo Gallery of the press conference

Athletic director Fred Glass has officially chosen the Indiana Hoosiers' next head football coach in Kevin Wilson, former offensive coordinator for the Oklahoma Sooners. Wilson has had a lot of success in college football despite never being a head coach. Working under head coach Bob Stoops, Wilson was in charge of the offense down in Norman since 2006 and was the offensive line coach from 2002-2005. He was the OC during Sam Bradford's tenure as a Sooner, including his Heisman trophy season and the Sooners' national runner-up finish in 2008-09. He was also on the staff the years than running back Adrian Peterson (2003) and quarterback Jason White (2002) were Heisman winners. The Sooners had 11 offensive All-Americans in Wilson's time with the program. Wilson also won the Broyles Award in 2008, which is given annually to the nation's top assistant coach. He also has ties to the Big Ten, serving as the offensive coordinator at Northwesten for three seasons (1999-2001) under former head coach Randy Walker.

Scoreboard at Memorial Stadium, welcoming new IU
head coach Kevin Wilson

The hire was officially made Tuesday, but Wilson was announced and introduced at a public press conference Wednesday at Memorial Stadium. The contract is for 7 years and $8.4 million, which works out to a $1.2 million annual salary for coach Wilson. During the conference, Wilson had a lot of great things to say about Bloomington, Indiana University, and the people involved in the football program. He said that had gotten interest for several jobs but was looking for the "right place, a place where [he] could win, a place where [he] could raise [his] family." Wilson said that he doesn't want to work on a three- or four-year process but to try and work for success right away. He stated that he will spend a lot of time looking for the right defensive coordinator, but as of right now he doesn't have a clue who it will be. "We're going to get someone big," he said in regards to hiring the DC. He also said that he wasn't sure whether or not he will call the plays or hire a separate offensive coordinator right away.

One things is for certain: "We're excited and we're ready to get rolling."

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