Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Maurice Creek out indefinitely

Coach Tom Crean said earlier today on his radio show that Maurice Creek's knee injury was more serious than most expected. The injury, which occurred Saturday near the end of the Michigan game, is a stress fracture of the right patella. Crean said that Creek is out indefinitely as of right now.
Most Hoosier fans know that Creek suffered a broken knee cap in the final non-conference game last season and was out the rest of the year. That injury was in his left knee, so this new injury is not a re-aggravation. It is also not as serious as last year's injury, but it seems like it is bad enough where he could potentially be out the rest of the season.
This is awful news for Maurice, as he was just getting his confidence and his game back. Although his knee injury was healed, he appeared to be playing a bit tentatively early on this season. He didn't have the same explosiveness that he had shown last season. In the last few games Creek was starting to really step back into his game, which makes this injury even more unfortunate.

We will keep you updated as more information becomes available.

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  1. Really sad. Mo Creek was definitely a hard worker and bright spot. Everyone was waiting for him to repeat the success he had against Kentucky last year before the injury and he was almost there. This IU team is starting to remind me of the Cubs...wait 'til next year